About LAN-slide

What is LAN-slide

LAN-slide is Melbourne's biggest LAN party and the second biggest in the country. Around 250 players will come down to our quarterly events, armed with their PCs or Laptops to battle in a number of team-based and free-for-all competitions sponsored by some of gaming's leading hardware manufacturers and computer stores.

LAN-slide began in April 2012 at Melbourne PC User Group growing from an attendance average of 65 players to over 130 before we had to find a new venue to handle the rapid growth. We are currently running at Syndal Baptist Church, 588 High Street Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150. We currently have the capability to set up seating for up to 200+ players.

The team that make LAN-slide happen

The following dedicated team of volunteers help prepare and execute each event.


General Staff