Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

  What is LAN-slide?

LAN-slide is one of Melbourne’s largest BYOC LAN Parties catering for up-to 300 players! Come along to play games, participate in competitions, connect with other players and most importantly to have fun!

You can enter comps such as CS:GO, Rocket League, Age of Empires 2, Halo and much more for a chance to win awesome prizes or simply play games with your friends! We also offer some non-PC activities with a console section and AFK comps like 50 player pass the parcel.

  Where is LAN-slide?

LAN-slide v30 is located at the Syndal Baptist Church see our location page for more info.

  What tickets are available?

LAN-slide currently offers 2 ticket types, BYOC and Handheld / AFK.

  • BYOC ticket gives you a space to set up your computer, including 90cm of space with power and network. Players with this ticket are allowed to enter ANY competition.
  • Handheld/Console allows you to enter any Console / AFK competition (table DLC not included).

  What do I need to bring?

To be able to participate at a LAN-slide event, you will need to bring a gaming device (PC, laptop or console) with games pre-installed, along with any peripherals (controllers, keyboards, mice) and adaptors.

Monitors are required for PCs (it helps you see stuff).

Note to BYOC players:

BYOC seating provides 90cm of space, 2 powerpoints and 1 network cable, this will be enough for a monitor and PC. Make sure you bring all your equipment including a mousepad as our tables are not great for some mice!

LAN-slide does not have any spare equipment to lend out, so make sure you pack everything!

Event FAQ

  What competitions are running?

Lots! See our competitions page

  Can I bring my console device?

Yes - however if you require space to set up a monitor and connect to the network this will involve purchasing a BYOC ticket. For portable console players (i.e Nintendo Switch) then only a Console/AFK ticket is required, come chill in our Console/AFK area.

  Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes - However the Wi-Fi will be heavily limited and is not ideal for playing games, we HIGHLY recommend ensuring your device has a wired ethernet connection available.

If your device does not have an ethernet port we HIGHLY recommend bringing a USB Network Card.

  What food and drink options are available?

Syndal Baptist Church will be providing a canteen for the convenience of attendees. We are also close to a few takeaway shops that should have some fairly good variety of foods. Players are also allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks.

  How do I participate in competitions?

Competitions are open to all attendees depending on ticket type, please listen to announcements on the day for specific instructions. Some competitions are open for registrations prior to the event - see

If you have any questions or are looking for a team please don’t hesitate to ask us on discord or an Event Coordinator on the day, we want everyone to be able to participate!

  Why aren’t you running my favourite game as a tournament?

LAN-slide determines the schedule based on demand. Unfortunately LAN-slide can’t accommodate every popular game as a competition due to sponsorship and team capacity.

However you are free to play whatever games you would like, we encourage connecting with other players either at the event or on discord to play your game. We can help facilitate these games by assisting with connecting other players and/or setting up servers, please speak to an Event Coordinator.