Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Rules

1. LAN-slide will host dedicated servers for the tournament. Servers will be hosted locally and server details will be available at

2. Dedicated servers will be running the latest version of Warmod [BFG] as released on the day prior to the tournament with the tickrate set to 128.

3. The tournament requires a team size of exactly four (4) or (5) players in any given tournament match.

4. Maps will be chosen via the WarMod Veto System. The process is:
a) Map pool will be based on the current active map pool.
b) Both teams type !veto into the console to begin a knife round.
c) Map selections will be made available after the knife round.

5. Player substitutions are allowed at any point during the tournament match, however no more than five (5) players can be on a team at any one time.

6. Tournament matches can only be paused during freeze time once (1) per half per team for a period that does not exceed three (3) minutes.

7. In addition to section 6.11, the following exploits are included:
a) Any exploitation of clipping bugs (i.e. standing on invisible platforms).
b) Planting a bomb in a way that attempts to interrupt or prevent bomb defusing,
c) Defusing the bomb through walls and other solid objects is illegal.

8. Where a server crashes and the number of rounds in the tournament match is three (3) or less, the server will be reset to 0-0.

9. Where a server crashes and the number of rounds played in the second half is three (3) or less, the server will be reset to the score obtained at the half way point.

10. Where a server crashes and four (4) or more rounds have been played, the round restore feature will be used to restore the match to the last completed round. Players should have the same weapon load-out and money restored.

11. In the situation the round restore feature fails the server will be reset to the correct round and each team player will begin with $10,000 starting cash. Half restarts can only occur if both team captains mutually agree.

12. Where a player drops out of the round, the game can be paused not subject to rule 6 until the dropped player(s) re-join the server during the next freeze-time period.

13. Coaches are allowed in all matches (sv_coaching_enabled 1). Coaches can join a team by using coach t or coach ct.