Halo: Master Chief Collection - Rules

All DLC must be installed prior to participating in the HALO MCC Comp.

Please ensure you have the following DLC Downloaded and Installed

  • - MCC H1: Multiplayer
    - MCC H2: Multiplayer
    - MCC H3: Multiplayer
    - MCC H4: Multiplayer
    - MCC Reach

    In Game Network Setting must be switched to “LAN”
  • Go to Options & Career > Settings > Network and change “Network” from Xbox Live to “LAN”
  • Final Competition format will be determined on the day, but the competition will be a Free For All (FFA) comp, with each Halo Version being played at least once with different maps and game modes on each version.
    The maps will be infantry only, with no vehicles, with weapon selection being map defaults where possible. 
    Game modes may include
    - Slayer
    - King of the Hill
    - Oddball
    - Juggernaut
    - Regicide

  • Players will be assigned a player to join, that player will act as the “Party Leader”.


The Party Leader will start each match with Map and Game mode settings supplied by an Event Coordinator as per the competition format.

There will be a warm up round at the very beginning whilst players join the server, the competition will go live on next map when all players have joined.

  • Please remain in the party after a match as the Party Leader will pull all party members into the next map. There will not be another warm up for the next Generation Map.

    It is advised to play through each Halo version prior to the competition to adjust your settings to your preferences. The competition will not held up due to one player with the wrong settings.
  • If a party leader selects the wrong settings, the match will be deemed void and will be required to be replayed.

    The Party Leader is required to screenshot end of match scores, which will be added up to determine winner. If multiple severs are in action the top X players from each server will move into a final server where the winner of that match deemed the competition winner. Final scoring will be provided on the day as per number of players entering comp. But will roughly be 1st place = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points etc.