Mario Kart - Rules

1. The higher seeded player will serve as Player 1 (or the host).

2. Players will play a minimum of four races with their opponent on game day.
    a. Winner will be the player with the most points after four races.

3. The following game settings will be required to be used in all matches:
    a. Type: Versus
    b. Visibility: Friends
    c. Format: 1v1
    d. Rules:
        i. Class: 150cc Race
        ii. Items: Normal
        iii. CPU: On
        iv. Smart Steering: Off
        v. Auto-Accelerate: Off
        vi. Motion Controls: Players Choice
        vii. Courses: All courses
        viii. Vehicles: All vehicles
        ix. Characters: All characters

4. Players will alternate selecting courses. The Player 1/host will select the first course.